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Discover the Advantages of AutoSaver

  • No Money due at signing
  • Low monthly payments
  • Vehicle upgrade potential
  • Vehicle ownership
  • No application or acquisition fees
  • No early payoff penalty
  • Mileage options up to 18,000 a year
  • Option to sell, trade, refinance or return vehicle at maturity date
  • Quick & Easy application process

AutoSaver vs. Conventional Financing

  • Lower monthly payments, up to 64% lower than conventional auto loans!
  • You get more value for your money- giving you the option to buy a better vehicle!
  • Minimum cash investment -no money down required – even taxes & registration can be included in your payment plan
  • Flexible loan terms from 2 to 6 years
  • Payments are based on actual use of vehicle (depreciation) with final balloon payment based on the projected resale value of the vehicle at loan maturity
  • Member can take shorter loan terms and change vehicles more frequently
  • Eliminates negative equity risk factor associated with conventional financing by finally getting you out of the cycle of paying off a previous vehicle loss with your next vehicle loan

AutoSaver vs. Lease Financing

  • Unlike leasing, you own the vehicle (titled in your name – not the leasing company’s)
  • Unlike leasing, you can financing a vehicle up to 6 years with AutoSaver
  • Unlike leasing, you can carry the level of personal vehicle insurance you choose          
  • Unlike leasing, you can negotiate the vehicle purchase price like a cash purchase with the dealer. This gives you a stronger basis of price negotiation and can potentially save you thousands of dollars on your vehicle purchase.
  • AutoSaver financing requires no money down and has no hidden costs typically found in leasing  (i.e. high money factor, up front capitalization cost, acquisition fees, security deposit, first and last payment)
  • You can pay off your loan, sell or trade your vehicle anytime with no prepayment penalty.
  • Plenty of end of loan term options:

    - Refinance remaining balance & keep the vehicle at loan maturity or    anytime during the loan term
    - Sell it at maturity or anytime during loan term
    - Trade it at maturity or anytime during loan term
    - Return the vehicle at loan maturity in lieu of making final balloon    payment

To find out what your monthly payments could be, click here for our Car Builder Calculator.

For more information about our AutoSaver program, contact the credit union at 315.451.0105 or email us at

*Use of the "Car Builder Calculator" is not a guarantee of credit.

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